Library History

Tells the history of the West Union Library from 1892 until the present.

The original public library was organized on May 5, 1892, under the sponsorship of the Ladies Tourist Club.  They began with substantial contributions of money and books from the West Union Art Club. This library, however, was closed in June 1907 with a $24.28 debt.  The books were placed in the public school library. The community was without a public library for two decades.

 Reorganizing the library was started January, 1927 and was officially established on June 5, 1928, when the city passed an ordinance establishing a seven member library board. The library was located on the second floor of the City Hall building until 1954.

In 1954  the Oscar W. Heiserman estate gave $46,867.39 to be used for a public library as a memorial to himself and his wife, Marie. A parcel of land was purchased by the city from the school district at the corner of Vine Street and Highway 18. A new building was built and  the Heiserman Memorial library was dedicated on November 19, 1954.

This library building was outgrown but attempts to build a new building during the 1980's were defeated.  Starting in 1994 various proposals and fund drives were started.  Then in May of 1995 the citizens of West Union approved a four and one half year 1% local sales tax with 1/2 of this tax designated to be used for library expansion. Through fund drives, grants, and the local option tax, money was raised to build the new library. The 8,300 square foot current library building was completed at a cost of $1,000,000 and dedicated June 26, 1999.  The new library name was changed to West Union Community Library/Heiserman Annex.