The West Union Community Library has meeting rooms available for use by community organizations and community members.

Organizations or groups may use the meeting rooms to promote cultural, educational, service, or civic activities.  The Heiserman Room is available for private party use.


*ONLINE APPLICATION - Please read policy before submitting

*Meeting room policy & application for use, PDF file

*Non-profit organization online request for meeting room use without charge


Prior to Meeting    
Confirm reservation and remit payment

Upon Arrival for Meeting
Each group is responsible for setting up the room and returning it to its original condition.

No materials or property shall be moved in or attached that will damage floors, walls, or woodwork

During Meeting
The Hospitality room has a kitchenette available for use, including a microwave, refrigerator, and sink.  Each group must furnish their own supplies such as coffee, napkins, paper products, etc.

Groups using the meeting rooms will be responsible for proper supervision of children in attendance.

After the Meeting
Renter is responsible for all clean-up of meeting room, including:
    Wiping tables and chairs
    Wiping off counters and kitchenette area (if applicable)
    Disposing of trash
    Flushing toilets
    Returning room to its original condition and arrangement
    Turning off lights
    Locking doors
    Reporting any spills or maintenance issues
    Returning the key to library

The library is not responsible for any materials left at the library.