Long-range Plan, 2020-2025

1.    The Library will increase its organization and management of its technology related equipment and digital services.

    Develop a hardware and software replacement plan with a three to five year refresh cycle
    Create a permanent technology storage area
    Seek and make available new technology for patron use (MacBook, wireless printer)
    Develop online schedule for regular ICN/Eden room use, and public meeting room use.

2.    The Library will help patrons improve their digital skills.

    Offer classes or instruction to improve digital skills
    Provide individual technology assistance
    Provide education in internet use and safety
    Provide information and training on the use of databases available through the library's website

3.    The Library will increase the opportunities for learning based on community feedback.

    Offer regular classes and programs at the library for patrons, increasing options each year

4.    The Library will contribute to the well-being & health of our community members.

    Provide safe and comfortable spaces for atmosphere of relaxation, quiet reflection and personal stress relief
    Create list of health organizations and links on website, update annually 2020-2025
    Increase purchases in health related materials collection