Use a computer

West Union Community Library currently provides 10 networked computers for use by patrons in the library for Internet browsing, word processing and other productivity activities.Patrons may check out computers with their library card.  Guest access may be requested by those who do not have a library card.

·        Computer use is limited to one patron per computer. Library staff may grant permission to two registered users as long as other patrons are not disturbed.

·        Usage is on first come, first serve basis.  However, a 30-minute time limit may be enforced during peak times of usage.

·        There is a per page charge for printed items.  Current cost will be displayed on computer printer. 

·        Any cost incurred to the hardware through negligence, carelessness or deliberate misuse will be assessed to the user.

Parents—and only parents—have the right and responsibility to restrict access of their children to library resources or information in any other type of format. Parents who do not want their children to have access to certain library services, materials, or facilities should so advise their children. Librarians and library governing bodies cannot assume the role of parents or the functions of authority in the private relationship between parent and child.

Click here for the Internet/Computer Use Policy